Happy Mothers Day!!

To all the Moms who work so hard, Happy Mothers Day!!!

To all the Moms who got up in the middle of the night when we needed them

To all the Moms who held us when we were sick

To all the Moms who changed our dirty diapers πŸ˜‰

To all the Moms who taught us to clap and wave, cheered for us when we rolled over and sat up and helped us take our first steps

To all the Moms who washed our dirty laurndry

To all the Moms who fed our never-full stomachs

To all the Moms who read us stories over and over and sang us to sleep

To all the Moms who disciplined us when it hurt them more than us

To all the Moms who prayed for us and taught us about Jesus

To all the Moms who kissed our boo boos and comforted us when we weren't okay

To all the Moms who taught us basic life skills and how to get along with other people

To all the Moms who held our hands and stayed close when we were scared

To all the Moms who kept is at home and wanted to be with us and learn with us every stage of our lives

To all the Moms who taught us to read and made us to school when we didn't want to

To all the Moms who taught us how to learn and provided us with opportunities to grow

To all the Moms who helped us through the rough days when nothing made sense

To all the Moms who told us about their struggles and helped us feel normal

To all the Moms who kept us going back to Jesus even when he didn't feel close

To all the Moms who walked with us through the teenage years 

To all the Moms who did all the other things for us that I forgot to mention

To all the Moms who continue to do these things and to all the Moms who are now helping there children do this.... 

And to all the Dads who helped them do it..

Keep going. You were made for this. Raising your kids for Jesus is the best thing you could ever do. Mother, don't give up! You've got this!!! 

LOVE YOU MOM!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

P.S. this was geared toward homeschooling Mothers, cause that's what my Mother is, but to all the Moms who send there kids to school, you've got this too!! ❤


March + April Reflections//2021

Hello my friends!!
First of all let me tell you that you are at the right spot!! Lol, I changed some things around with my blog... including the name. :) I wanted a prettier name with more meaning behind it because I'm working at transitioning my blog to more encouraging and spiritual posts.. and more book reviews and stuff like that... less posts about my life.. (which I why I'm doing this big post every other month instead of every month.)

Anywho... where do I start? March and April were super fun months, though they were also slightly stressful and very busy!

March was filled with lots of singing, puppy cuddles (and chews), warmer weather, sunshine, campfires and preparing the fields for planting! Hans had a birthday and Elisa began standing up at just about anything and everything. Smoothies, Triominos, School outside, Muffin baking, and lots of baby smiles!!

March Happenings:
  • Clothes Shopping Trip
  • Puppy Pics!
  • Caring for puppies
  • Voices of Praise Chorus Tour
  • Hans turned 8
  • Several campfires
  • Boys laid plastic for plants this year
  • Two choir programs (not including the ones on tour)
  • Ordered flower seeds
  • Wrote a 12 paragraph essay (uggggh)
  • Soldout (check it out here)
  • Got a new dog, Rocky
  • Chased Rocky across the road when he ran off
  • Several croquet games
  • Elisa turned 7 months
  • Lots of school
  • Sold 5 puppies
  • Helped sort food at Blessings of Hope
  • Went on a walk to Grandma's one night
  • Prayed outside a Planned Parenthood clinic (wow)
  • Drove on the turnpike and parked in a parking garage (okay that was the worst!)
  • Got Chick-fil-A
  • Game night at church
  • Scheduled my drivers test! (ahh!!!)
  • Planted flower seeds
  • Harvested hundreds of heads of lettuce and hundreds of pounds of mix
Reading in March (read my reviews on Goodreads
  • The Bible
  • Hope Rising
  • Pilgrim's Progress
  • October Baby
  • The Whispers God Gives
  • Bridge Called Hope
  • Treasure Island

Watching in March
  • Pilgrims Progress
  • Voice of the Martyrs Live Event

Annie (5wk photos)







Going on tour with our choir!!

A pottery presentation by a very cool British guy!

phone thieves πŸ’•

The whole choir and committee

Bagging spring mix

Uranus and moons ;)

Hobo potatoes!

I love wearing sandals again! ;)

Plastic rows for my flowers

Rows for the strawberries

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Me and my friend + second cousin, Leah

On the way to our last choir program


Meet our newest member of the family! 
He's actually Lance's Dad. So now for our current litter of puppies 
we have Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma!!

I just love how they are all chasing mama!

Harvesting LOTS of lettuce

Helping sort food at Blessings of Hope

School outside... I had to chase a paper way out into the field... 
thankfully I caught it then!

Late night walk

Bathing Avy so she can go to her new home

Kaleb trying to ride shotgun. Not gonna happen, kid

Bye to Avery!

Planted flower seeds. The sprouted plants are cucumbers

60lbs of spring mix

And if you are interested, here is one of our choir programs!!

April was a lot of sunshine, dirt, pizza, planting, selfies, cousin time, birthdays, and exercising. Elisa has been giving adorable smiles and also some really funky, lopsided smiles! She's 8 months and has been more bold with standing up and walking along things. She loves going outside and sitting in the grass. The cutest thing she's been doing is reaching. If she wants you she will reach for you and if she wants to stay with the person who's holding her, she will turn away and cling to them. She also crawls over and stands up your legs if she wants you to pick her up. πŸ₯°

April Happenings:
  • Chased some smoking teens off our farm (well my brothers did. it was quite entertaining to watch)
  • Good Friday @ Mimi's
  • Egged a cousin's yard
  • Watched a sunrise
  • Read this most amazing series of books (War of the Realms by Chuck Black)
  • Sunrise service @ church
  • Easter @ Grandma's
  • Said goodbye to the last two puppies
  • Irrigation well got replaced
  • Got the stomach bug
  • Got speakers for the TV (with a subwoofer! The bass is amazing!)
  • Sleeping with windows open
  • Got a new couch (with a sofa bed)
  • Youth Group game night
  • Mom and Dad's birthdays!
  • Someone knelt on the laptop and cracked the screen. No seriously, we don't know who.... some little child who shouldn't have been on the table. 😜 But it's fixed now, and working great for typing this up! :) 
  • Cleaning at church
  • Had to start regular exercising for school... lots of jump-roping, biking and some soccer
  • Dad had a sleep study and got an A-PAP (praise the Lord he is feeling and sleeping so much better now!)
  • Planted 23,000 strawberry plants with the help of our cousins!
  • Had donuts and pizza and ice cream and sodas and lots of good food while planting
  • Got slightly sunburnt several times
  • Aunt Melody's baby shower!!!
  • Planted peppers, tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers
  • A meeting for my trip this summer.... I'm going to another state to help out with a VBS... more info after the trip!
  • Sleepover with cousins at Melody's house!
  • Our yard was overseeded
  • All-hands Farm Event/ good food/ hayride/ great cousin time
  • Some baking of bread and muffins and lots of work in the lettuce house
  • Had a 85F day!! (whew!)
  • Made meadow tea
  • Soccer games with the sibs
  • Parallel parking practice
Reading in April (read my reviews on Goodreads
  • The Bible
  • Sir Rowan and the Camerian Conquest 
  • Cloak of the Light
  • Rise of the Fallen
  • Light of the Last
  • The Sowing Season
  • The Screwtape Letters
  • Looking for Home
  • Whistle-Stop West
  • Blind Hope
  • Prairie Homestead 
  • The Magician's Nephew

Watching in April
  • Son of God
  • The Chosen Season 2: Episodes 1-3
  • October Baby
  • The Greatest Showman
  • Noah: Sight and Sound (I saw half of it)

Relaxing in the shade under the lettuce table

Cousin Mikayla and sister Briana at Easter

Older group of cousins (2 missing)

Watching the sunrise


Ya have to watch it to understand, but it will crack you up!!🀣

Bye Asher!!

Budding trees!

Love you Mom!!

Church cleaning

Love you Dad!!



I might plant strawberries everyday for this😝

Commercial making

Melody's neighbor's donkey (so cute!!)

Ben was away for the night so we spent the night @ there place and had a blast!

OKAY. Eggs with potatoes. yes, please!

Goodbye Asher!! 
(And they are all gone! πŸ˜€πŸ˜₯)

Well, that's a wrap!!! 

Hope you enjoyed!!

How do you like the new blog look? What's your fav fast food restaurant? 
Are you growing anything in a garden this year? Have you ever egged someone or been egged?
Are you watching the release of Season 2 episodes on the Chosen? 

Let's chat!!!!!!!

Have a fabulous day!!